Survival Knife 6.3 inch Handmade Fixed Blade Hunting Knife



Survival Knife, 6.3 inch Handmade Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Sheath handmade Multipurpose Cleaver, for Camping, Tactical, Outdoor

We guarantee that every knife from DREAM REACH has a razor-like sharpness!
✅ SPECIFICATIONS: Full length: 245mm, blade length: 131mm, shank length: 114mm, blade width: 48mm , Handle: sour wood,handle thickness: 2.7 cm
✅ Material: high carbon steel, hardness:58 HRC, gross weight: 345 g (including leather case)
✅ MATERIAL: First you need to know this is a knife handmade forged from high carbon steel and high manganese steel. It is not made of stainless steel, so after each use, you may need to keep it clean and dry to resist rust. But high carbon steel has a better ability to maintain sharp edges than stainless steel. It will assist you with every perfect cut. Reasonable maintenance after every use, it will last a long lifetime
✅ Design: pure hand-forging mark polishing
PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR & COLLECTION: Suitable for various military, hunting, survival, tactical, industrial and other outdoor situations