SHARPAL 178N 3-in-1 Blade Sharpener 4-Inch 600 Grit Diamond Sharpening Rod

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SHARPAL 178N 3-in-1 Blade Sharpener | 4-Inch 600 Grit Diamond Sharpening Rod | Sharpen All Knife and Tool with Straight Edge, Serration & Hooks | Pocket Knife Sharpener | Durable Aluminum Handle

Diamond sharpener, pocket sharpenerDiamond sharpener, pocket sharpenerSHARPAL


Sharpal Inc. is a leading manufacturer of professional and patented multifunction knife and tool sharpeners for the outdoor and sports, garden and workshop, and culinary and kitchen industries. For more than 18 years we have been passionately researching and developing quality products, which provide consumers with an easy and cost-effective way to obtain a sharp edge.

SHARPAL Diamond Sharpener-the the fastest and most effective way to sharpen an edge!

Use and Care

There is a ‘break-in’ period for diamond sharpeners. When first use, the surface will appear to be especially rough. This roughness is due to the final manufacturing process and will be removed over time without impacting performance. As the diamond surface wears down, more and more diamond grits are exposed and the sharpener cuts faster.

  • Durable monocrystalline diamonds fine 600 grit (25 microns) coated onto 4 inches in length round shaft and 3.5 inches tapered rod
  • 3-In-1: Round diamond-coated rod for sharpening straight edge; Tapered diamond rod for sharpening serrations and gut hooks; Sharpening groove for fishhooks and pointed tools
  • A handy, durable, portable knife and tool sharpener requires no water or oil
  • Both round and tapered rod can be stored compactly in the aluminum handle when not in use. Easily take anywhere with lanyard hole and storage pouch
  • An ideal companion for any knife enthusiast such as hikers, backpackers, anglers, hunters, hobbyists and carpenters