Ottoza Custom Handmade SHADOW 1095 Carbon Steel Tracker Knife



Ottoza Custom Handmade SHADOW 1095 Carbon Steel Tracker Knife with Micarta Handle- Survival Knife – Camping Knife – Black Tactical Knife – Hunting Knife with Sheath Horizontal Fixed Blade Knife

HIGH QUALITY HANDMADE CARBON STEEL TRACKER KNIFE WITH SHARP AND DURABLE BLADE. Ottoza 10 inch 1095 carbon steel tracker knife (horizontal knife sheath with a knife) was made with the utmost attention to quality and detail. 10-inch total length, 5-inch handle and 5-inch blade. Perfect outdoor knife, hunting knife, camping knife, survival knife, fighting knife, combat knives, and bushcraft knife. Ottoza 10 inch knife is a good tracker knife. It’s rugged, manly design makes it the perfect addition to your outdoor survival kit, whether its being used to open aluminum can or to hunt some wild animals, this beautifully crafted knife will not disappoint you as a survival gear/ hunting gear.

DECORATIVE FIX BLADE KNIFE / HUNTSMAN KNIFE FOR COLLECTORS, When you’re not using your tracker knife in the great outdoors, you can put his beautifully handcrafted piece of art up for display in your home to let others admire the beauty and craftsmanship. WILL NOT RUST WITH PROPER CARE Your Handmade Carbon Steel Custom Knife will last you for years with the proper care. (Keep it dry, oil the knife when not using for a long time)

  • Ottoza Official Knives, High-Quality Handmade 1095 Carbon Steel Tracker Knife With Sharp and Durable Blade
  • Handmade 1095 Carbon Steel FULL TANG Blade is Useful for Hunting, Camping, Tracking and Bushcrafting (NOTE: the blade is being preserved in oil for best storage conditions, please dont find it strange while opening the box, you can clean it with a dry piece of cloth before use)
  • Micarta Handle is Easy to Use
  • Cow or Buffalo Leather Tracker Knife Sheath is Specially Designed
  • Decorative Knife for Collectors, When You’re Not Using Your Knife, You Can Put This Beautifully Handcrafted Piece of Art For Display