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Knife Sharpeners, Best 4 in 1 Manual Kitchen Knives & Scissor Sharpeners, 4 – Stage Knife Sharpening System with Diamond Steel

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BOCHIONYU We Are Not Only a Brand, but We Are also Still a Family.

Are you ready to use an easy-to-use professional quality knife sharpener for all your tools and scissors? We think so. BOCHIONYU sharpeners will bring you a lot of conveniences, comfort will surprise you, and your knife will be a new look in just a few.

This sharpener saves money and saves your old knives without spending a lot of money on new knives. It can withstand tens of thousands of strokes, making the sharpener and tool last longer.

With this sharpener, you will never worry about blunt blades, make it difficult to prepare food, and waste time-fighting the worn-out sharpeners of the past.

Cutting with a blunt knife means you have to use extra strength, and the slip of the knife can cause serious accidents. Sharp tools are safer, so this knife sharpener is worth having.

If you are looking for high quality, reliable sharpening tools, this stainless steel sharpener is the best system in today’s kitchen. Its durable long-life structure allows our manual knife sharpener to restore your “useless” tool.

Your new stainless steel sharpener is the perfect tool for all kitchen, chef, peeling, hunting, pocket, electric, scissors razor-sharp, it works in seconds!

As a customer’s needs, with this multi-function knife sharpener, the tool can be reused. You can wear off all your blunt knives and restore them to brilliance.


High-Quality Material, Non-Slip Base.

Fits All Knife and Scissors Sizes, Easy to Control.

4- Stage Knife Sharpening, Sleek And Innovative Design.

Exclusive Upgrade Version, Larger Than a General Sharpener.

Safety-Comfort, A Non-Slip Rubber Base And Ergonomic Handle.

4 Slots Of This Sharpener Satisfy Your Different Sharpening Needs.

High Quality, ABS Plastic Protects The Knives Scissors Sharpener From Embrittlement.


The Shape Of The BOCHIONYU Sharpener Is Stylish And easy To Use.

4 Stage manual sharpening system is easy for pros and beginners. It can quickly restore your kitchen knives to their original sharpness.

This means you can use it for every knife you own. It maintains the sharpness of your knives for much longer than your average sharpener. We believe that is what we achieved.


SLOT 1:Ceramic grinding for scissor sharpening.

The blade goes straight into the groove and then pushes forward slightly 4-5 times. This is the highlight of the best grinding scissors among all grinding machines in the industry.


SLOT 2 – COARSE (Carbide Blades). Used to repair the seriously damaged knife, suitable for a blunt knife.

The blade is placed vertically into the rough grinding port and pulled slightly in the same direction for about 5 times.

Place knife on the sharpening slot, using slight downward pressure, run the blade from its heel to its point through the slot. Repeat 3 to 5 times. Sharpen the tools every six nths or as required.


SLOT 3 – Medium (Diamond Dbrasives). Diamond is the preferred material for sharpening knives because it can cut even the hardest metals.

Simply pull the knife’s blade from base to tip through the diamond-coated wheel, perfectly angled to sharpen it to a crisp, even edge.

The blade is placed vertically into the finely grinding port and gently pulled in the same direction for about 4 times. It withstands the repetitive force and contact of a knife blade better than any other sharpening stone.


SLOT 4 – Fine (Ceramic rods). High-quality ceramic polishes the blade, leaving it smooth, clean, and honed for slicing.

The blade is placed vertically into the fine grinding port and gently pulled in the same direction for about 3 times.

This innovatively designed and engineered sharpening system is a cut above the traditional V sharpener and designed for all types of knives, from your standard kitchen knife to your utility or pocket knife.

Take Pride In Sharpening Your Knife, And bringing It To Its Full Glory.





First, and unlike other knife sharpeners, it has a scissors grinding and four-slot system that both files and polishes all blade sizes and types. (Except for sawtooth cutters).

This means you can use it for every knife you own. It maintains the sharpness of your knives for much longer than your average sharpener. Knife Sharpener lends your kitchen an elegant edge that complements every style.

Sleek, innovative design, what makes our knife sharpener one of the most innovative kitchen tools you’ll ever own? BOCHIONYU takes pride in all its products, designing them with style, versatility in appearance, and attention to the size.


Finger guards made of high-quality stainless steel, rust-proof, durable, anti-corrosion. Our high-quality finger protector, you don’t need to worry again and your cooking will be so much easier.

Adjustable and Comfortable, the size of the finger shield with open-loop design can be easily adjusted, the finger ring is deformable to suit most fingers. It has an open-loop design that fits most fingers and is suitable for left or right-hand use.

It is very small and light, you don’t feel any weight on your hands, the finger guard keeps your fingers safe while slicing, and it is very easy to use and suitable for long-term use. You can even adjust it for kids’ use.


Question: How would you sharpen scissors?Answer: The blade goes vertically into the groove and gently pulls back several times.

Question: I’m left-handed. Can sharpener be turned around so that I’m holding the handle with the right hand? Answer: Yes

Question: Will using this sharpener damage my knife?Answer: It will not damage your knife, instead it will make the blunt knife in the kitchen sharp.






Believe it or not, a dull knife is one of the most dangerous objects in your kitchen. When a blade isn’t sharp enough to properly cut food, it can easily slip from your control, nicking your hands or fingers.

Nowadays keep cooking fun, safe and healthy with the knife sharpener by BOCHIONYU! Our 4-step system begins with a diamond rod slot that gently repairs and straightens damaged blades.

You can even use it for ceramic knives! Next, tungsten steel provides coarse sharpening that restores the blade to a V-shape before the 4rd slot creates a stunning polish.


Our no-slip cushioned base grips the surface of your countertop to prevent any movement while you’re sharpening your knives, ensuring your safety and protecting your countertop from scratches.

Cutting with a dull knife means you have to use extra force, a slip of the knife can lead to serious accidents. Dull knives are dangerous! Who has time to use old fashioned stones and rods?

We thought so, that is why we here at BOCHIONYU have taken the extra care in developing the perfect answer to your dull blade issues. Remember:Dodon’t risk buying a knife sharpener that doesn’t make safety.


At BOCHIONYU, we don’t believe that you have to be a professional chef to use the best-made tools.

You want to make dinner quickly, easily, and safely and you need the proper kitchen implements to do that.

Fits all knives and scissors sizes:1. Four Slots: 4 slots of this sharpener satisfy your different sharpening needs. 2. Safety & Comfort: a non-slip rubber base and ergonomic handle. 3. High Quality: ABS plastic protects the knives scissors sharpener from embrittlement.


Dull knives are dangerous!

Newly upgraded version with the Grinding function of scissors, it is the perfect tool for keeping all of those kitchens,chef’s, paring, hunting, pocket, electric, knives, and Scissors razor sharp.

Watch as your previously useless knives come back to better-than-new quality. The sharpness is perfect for cutting beef, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables, even for making sushi.

1. It is normal for the rod on the sharpener to become black after use. 2. Do not pull your knife back and forth in the grinder slots, only can pull back.

  • ● KITCHEN PROFESSIONAL: This 4 in 1 knife sharpener comeswith a sleek design, ease of use and razor sharp precision sharpening of all knives and scissors. ①:Ceramic stone for scissors sharpening. ②: Carbide blades for sharpen the bluntest knives. ③: Diamond rods for further sharpen knives. ④: Ceramic rods for honing and polishing the knives to be the sharpest. We believe you will like this design. Really handy, helpful and professional.
  • ● DURABLE AND PREMIUM MATERIAL: An ergonomic stainless steel handle, and diamond abrasives to keep knives with a professional Chef’s sharp, sharpening is no longer a technical task. No matter the kitchen knife or scissors can be easily get and save time and energy. With them, you will have a creative multi-purpose sharpener combination. Its easy grip handle makes it suitable for right and left handed cooks.
  • ● INCREDIBLY DURABLE: With BOCHION professional knife sharpener, you don’t have to be a chef to cook like one! they crafted from solid stainless steel, it’s strong durable, unlike other items! Our chef knife sharpeners have passed the 3000-time service life test, which means if you have 5 knives, and sharpen them once a week, you can keep it for almost 11 years! (Those who tell you theirs can last a lifetime must be liers)
  • ● AFFORDABLE & RELIABLE: Why waste more money to purchase new knives whenever the old ones get dull? Stop throwing away blunt knives and dull scissors, simply use BOCHION knife sharpener tool helps repair them and save your money, dull knives will be a thing of the past. Kitchen best seller knife sharpener has an easy design to fit into any kitchen drawer and blend with your cooking utensils. This manual sharpener comes with non slip pads that provide control for a safe job.
  • ● EASY TO USE: 4 – stage sharpener is designed, increasing the stability of the kitchen tools, no rust, and no more grinding your knives on handheld stones, would be safer for your hand while sharpening. Meticulously tested also Perfect to all sharpen kinds of blades like Chef’s, Utility, Paring, Clip Point, Tourné, Slicers, Boning, Filleting and Cleaver knives.