KCCEDGE Razor Sharp Edge Cleaver Blade Folding Knife

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KCCEDGE BEST CUTLERY SOURCE EDC Pocket Knife Camping Accessories Razor Sharp Edge Cleaver Blade Folding Knife for Camping Gear Survival Kit 58649 (Wood Brown)

Everyday Activites: A good EDC knife makes life easier. Put one in your tool box, use it as a utility knife box cutter, use it as a letter opener, and life is good.
•Pocket knives fit easily into your pockets and should be considered EDC gear because sometimes you need a knife, but if you don’t have one, dude youre screwed.
Camping: A pocket knife is always a good item to include when assembling your camping gear. Any knife can be utilized as a kitchen knife. It can be used to replace steak knives, a paring knife, and bread knife.
Fishing: Cool knives help when you need to cut a tangled line. A folding knife allows you to keep the knife blade secure and gives your fishing knife an extra level of safety.
Hunting: A hunting knife just makes life easier.
Bushcraft: This knife can be used lightly as a bushcraft knife and is a huge benefit to have if it’s the only knife in your bushcraft gear.
Self Defense: Self defense comes down to one thing. Do you have quick access? If you have it when you need it, you’re in a much better position.
It doesn’t matter if you have a camping knife, combat knife, military knife, multitool knife, survival knife and there is no distinction between a pocket knife for women or pocket knives for men in self-defense situations. All knives can be utilized as tactical knives.

• We focus on quality, performance, and durability to ensure you have a high-quality knife that will serve your needs very well.
• Each knife produced is manufactured to exacting specifications and tolerances. This makes each knife perform very well.
• Our blades are super sharp out of the box because we want you to say this is a great knife with every single cut.

• We work hard producing quality knives so you will say I love this knife

  • 8″ POCKET KNIFE With Folding Blade and Pocket Clip. It Uses A Simple and Reliable Liner-Lock That Is Resistant To Dirt and Prevents Unexpected Closure
  • 3.25″ 3CR13 STAINLESS STEEL BLADE- Excellent Balance of Hardness and Corrosion Resistance. Provides Razor Sharp Cutting Performance and High Durability
  • MULTI-USE – Camping Edc Hiking Backpack Bushcrafting, Hunting & Fishing, Military & Army, Outdoor Activities, Survival, Self Defense, Emergencies
  • GREAT GIFTS For Husband or Wife, Mom & Dad, Men and WOmen, Brother and Sister, Son and Daughter, Grand Parents, Relatives, and Friends
  • PREPAREDNESS TOOL – Survival Kit