DSMY 12″ Diamond Knife Sharpener Professional Carbon Honing Steel

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DSMY 12″ Diamond Knife Sharpener Professional Carbon Honing Steel Fits all kinds of Knives Home Premium

Material: Stainless Steel
Overall Size:17″”
Handle Size:4.9″”
Blade Size:12″”
Tailor Knob Size:1.2″”*1.2″”
Color: Silver

Product Usage:
1. Place the plastic tip on the end of the sharpening rod on a solid surface. Apply lightly downward pressure to avoid slipping during use.
2. Place the heel of your blade at the top of the sharpening rod at a preferred 20-degree angle. Sharpen the knife from heel to tip and repeat 2-3 times, then turn to the other side of the knife until blade sharp. General speaking, use it once a week to keep your blade sharp.
3. Clean the knife with water or wiper and dry it after use, Clean the knife sharpener with non-abrasive brush.

1、 keep stable when sharpening.
2、 To prevent falling from height when using.
3、 Please put the knife sharpener and knife beyond the reach of children to avoid any accidents.

Packing included:
1 x Knife Sharpener Rod

  • Durable diamond-coated steel rod ensures lasting use
  • Designed to realign a steel blade’s edge to keep household cutlery properly honed for lasting and efficient cutting/slicing utility
  • Complete modular manual knife sharpener design features a comfort grip handle that holds the diamond rod for sharpening, or the 12″ dual-surface ceramic rod for honing
  • Integrated collar guard safety shields and keeps hands out of the way during use, the integral hanging loop ensure easy storage
  • Sufficient for tackling all sizes of kitchen knives, from parers to slicers, ideal for resharpening and maintaining the cutting edge