How to Choose The Best Camping Knife 2021

How to Choose The Best Camping Knife Reviews

Finding a good camping knife is essential, both for comfort and for your own safety; especially if you venture into woods or places rarely visited by humans (so with a great variety of animals, even dangerous ones) So don’t get caught and pick the best camping knife.

By choosing a camping knife with excellent blade quality, you will be sure to be able to use it for years, without having to replace it. However, on the market there are an infinite number of types of knives, more or less expensive. In this article we will look at which one’s are the best according to your needs.

What is a knife used for when camping?

Bringing a camping knife with you is really very important, it can be used in the most varied situations, both as a weapon and as a fork! Many think that a camping knife is needed to defend oneself but we can assure you that in most cases it is absolutely not so. It takes a lot to do everyday actions.

Stainless steel knife

When it comes to knife blades, there is a very long list of materials with which they are produced. We can subdivide these knives into two large sets: Each has its PRO and its Con. The choice is based on what your needs are.

Knives with stainless steel blades

The stainless steel blades generally have at least 12% chromium. This makes the blade very resistant to rust and corrosion, much better than high-carbon blades. The downside is that stainless steel is generally softer than high-carbon knives.

  • They are very simple to sharpen, but quickly lose their maximum cutting capacity.
  • One of the advantages is Durability.

  • The stainless steel knife blades are generally more resistant than high-carbon blades.

  • Stronger but not necessarily more complex.

The opinions on such knives are still very contrasting, as they are defined as less strong than those of blades with high carbon content.

Carbon steel knives

This type of knives are very durable, making their sharpening more resistant than stainless steel ones. The biggest advantage is the ability to maintain sharpening, but the flaw is that of rusting in a short time. This means that you need to clean the knife thoroughly after use and be sure to protect it from moisture before storing it in place.

Price of camping knives

We must say that the price of the best camping knife generally depends on various factors, but high-carbon steel knives tend to be much cheaper than their stainless steel counterparts. We didn’t use the word economic because you might have a wrong idea, High carbon steel blades are much more resistant than stainless steel, which makes precision cuts much more reliable.

Most hunting knife blades are made of high-carbon steel for this very reason. Using high-carbon knives is not recommended for outdoor use, precisely because they have a low resistance to rust

Here are Our Top 5 best camping Knife reviews 2021

The review will be made on the strength, durability and sharpness of the blade from the cheapest camping knives to the high-end.

Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Carbon 

The best cheap survival knives

Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Carbon

This model is presented by Morakniv, a brand recognized for the quality of its knives. This light and strong survival tool is multi-tasking (fishing, hunting, bushcraft, making fire, cutting meat, etc.). Its versatility is worth its efficiency during hikes. Its weight is 4.8 oz. It has a fixed blade clip-point 0.125 inches long for a thickness of just over 3 mm. Its blade is sharp enough but not used to cut large objects. 

This version incorporates a carbon steel blade while another incorporates a stainless steel blade, a material more resistant to water and is not subject to rust. For this second version, It consists of strong plastic with a non-slip rubber coating. Its structure promotes a good grip and offers nice maneuverability. Regarding the case, its plastic construction is not the most reliable and suggests that the knife could pass through. However, the clip allows it to be attached to the belt.

In summary, the Mora Companion is not intended for cutting large objects but its use is convenient fishing or hiking. Among its strengths, one notes its maneuverability, its grip and its strength despite a plastic handle. For its price, difficult to do better than this model.


  • Good grip (non-slip handle)
  • polyvalent
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Attractive price


  • Blade made of carbon steel
  • Do not cut large objects
  • Plastic handle


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Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

The best mid-range survival knives

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

The Gerber Bear Grylls, a knife with a fixed blade that is immediately recognizable by its orange and gray color. iThis product is versatile and perfect for survival. It can also be useful for making a fire as a manual tool (such as a saw for example). It weighs just over 15.7 ounces for a total length of 10 inches.

Its 1.77 thick 4.80 inches semi-serrated drop point blade is made of stainless steel, with a high carbon content: it is sturdy and wear-resistant. At the handle, the rubber of the handle does not slip and it’s easy to handle. As for the pommel, located at the base of the handle, it is also made of steel which can be advantageous to imitate a hammer. Its advantage over its competitors are the three small holes that allow using the blade like a spear.

The case provided is water and moisture resistant, while the military-grade nylon sheath is treated to resist mildew. There is also an emergency whistle stored in the lanyard cord. In the sheath, there is a fire starter in the form of a rod, and a small whetstone the strap is a bit short for transport. The knife comes with a small survival guide and rescue instructions. But still, its possible opening it with one hand to ease the task.

In the end, the Gerber Bear Grylls has a very good value for money. Solid, practical, versatile and easy to use, it will help you get by if you get lost in the forest. Its components promote its resistance and therefore meet the standards of a real camping knife!

  • Solid and durable
  • polyvalent
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Resistant


  • Wrist strap a bit short

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CRKT M16-12Z EDC Folding Pocket Knife

the mid-range alternative

CRKT M16-12Z EDC Folding Pocket Knife

The CRKT M-16 12Z is ​​a classic folding camping knife. Although the overall visual appearance is very metallic, it does not detract from its effectiveness. It weighs only 1 pound, revealing its lightness. Deployed, its length slightly exceeds 7.87 inches. As for its stainless steel blade, it measures 3.14 inches.

It has a handle with nylon and fiberglass holes, which are robust materials. The rigidity of its handle is no doubt and it holds well in hand. The clip available to attach to the clothes or the belt gives you direct access to the knife in case of immediate need.

The opening is easy, can even be activated by wearing gloves, it is convenient in extreme conditions. It also serves as security once the blade is open. An additional pin increases the safety of the knife, so that the locking system (automatic) fits securely. 

Finally, it comes with a lifetime warranty, again for defects in workmanship or materials. Again, this is not about the bad uses that could be made of it, so you have to take care of it.

In the end, this knife is effective with the particular locking system that allows it to stay in place once opened. Designed to be functional, its manufacturer has been particularly alert to its ergonomics to ensure your best survival! 


  • Additional pin
  • Convenient opening, even wearing gloves
  • Robust and sharp


  • General appearance very “metallic”


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Gerber LMF II Best Camping Knife

high-end survival knives

Gerber LMF II Best Camping Knife


This fixed blade knife was designed by the US Army Special Forces. Such a design requires some investment. If its aesthetics does not look at first, we quickly realize that it is a real fighting tool, even if it is versatile! If it’s not the lightest with its 1.34 pounds (approximately), it is not surprising since it measures 10.62 inches, placing it as the largest model of this review.

Its 4.84 inches blade has a thickness of 4.78 mm. It is fixed and notched at the same time, and is made of Stainless 420HC steel, a material that resists corrosion. The nylon handle does not slip in hand and does not clog your palm thanks to the TPV material that enhances comfort and gives a good grip. The three holes that make it a spear are useful for fishing. The pommel is sharp and of good quality, while the whole absorbs the electric charges preserving you of any possible discharge.

The sheath is fire resistant and can be attached to the leg, thigh, belt or jacket. Its infrared prevents it from being detected by other individuals.

In short, it is a survival knife of good quality that does not lack sharpness! First of all useful for American soldiers, today it has become an essential example of versatility and efficiency. it knows as much to be discreet as resistant and holds on the duration. 


  • Discreet (infrared system)
  • Resistant
  • Comfortable grip
  • Absorbs electrical charges


  • Imposing


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Bushcrafter 162 Fixed Outdoor Survival Knife

The Best high-end outdoor camping knife

Bushcrafter 162 Fixed Outdoor Survival Knife

The Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 with a fixed blade appears under a sober and classic appearance. But under the simplistic physique, it hides a formidable efficiency. It was specially designed for tactical use. The brand has been known since 1988 for this reputation in terms of survival knives. 

It weighs 7.72oz for a total length of 9.15”. But the balance between the handle and the blade is well calculated. Keep in mind that a fixed blade knife is always bulkier than a folding one but it often provides more ease of maintenance, more resistance and more reliability.

The stainless steel used to design the blade, type CPM-S30V, is of high quality and very robust. This is ideal for cutting wood, cardboard, rope, and solid materials. The handle features G-10 finishes, waterproofness and mold resistance, therefore, it is intended for outdoor use.

The materials used to hold in extreme conditions. But as if that were not enough, we still have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. The leather is also of good quality.

In the end, this cutting-edge model demonstrates the extent of its skills to consolidate its first place in the high-end best camping knife. Bulkier, the brand has not skimped on the quality of materials to ensure its strength and durability, including a well finished and comfortable handle with a very sharp blade.


  • Qualitative materials
  • Leather sheath
  • Great resistance
  • Reliable


  • Fixed blade that takes up a little more space


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Conclusion: which best camping knife to choose?

Our choice is the Gerber LMF II Infantry. Designed by the US special forces, it resists. It absorbs electric shocks, can be discreet with its infrared system and can turn into a spear. Amateur fishing or simple adventurer, this model is very interesting.

The Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Carbon is our cheap choice. Even if its materials are a little less qualitative, it will help you whether it’s fishing, hunting or hiking. Its maneuverability and handling make it easy to use. 

Finally, the Gerber Bear Grylls is a good example of strength, versatility and ergonomics. Although fairly basic, its strength and durability deserve to be highlighted.